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Inner Mechanism - Screw, Adjusting Screw Cap, 5/16-18 x 1-¼" - Item 127

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Maximum Flow Rate

  • Continuous Rating with Standard Trim: 4700 BPH / 740 m³/h
  • Continuous Rating with All Iron or LPG Trim: 3525 BPH / 550 m³/h


  • ± 0.02 %


  • Standard: 200 mPa.s³ (1,000 SSU) maximum
  • Optional: 2 Pa.s (10,000 SSU) maximum – specify “High Viscosity Meter Clearances.”
  • Over 2 Pa.s: Specify “High Viscosity Meter Clearances” and derate maximum flow rate in direct proportion to viscosity over 2 Pa.s (e.g., at 4 Pa.s, derate maximum flow rate to 50% of normal continuous rating - 2350 BPH)

Temperature - Standard Meter Clearances with

  • Buna-N/PTFE: -20°F to 125°F (-29°C to 52°C)
  • FKM: 10°F to 125°F (-12°C to 52°C)
  • Low Temperature FKM: -50°F to 125°F (-46°C to 52°C)

Temperature - High Temperature Meter Clearances with

  • Buna-N/PTFE: -20°F to 200°F (-29°C to 93°C)
  • FKM: 10°F to 200°F (-12°C to 93°C)
  • Low Temperature FKM: -50°F to 200°F (-46°C to 93°C)

Temperature - All Iron Trim with

  • Buna-N: -20°F to 225°F (-29°C to 108°C)
  • PTFE: -20°F to 400°F (-29°C to 205°C)
  • FKM: 10°F to 400°F (-12°C to 205°C)
  • Low Temperature FKM: -50°F to 400°F (-46°C to 205°C)

Meter Gearing

  • One barrel or 10 dekalitres per revolution of meter calibrator output shaft
  • Five gallons―Special